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ONLINE TEST Sociale Stijlen

Benjamin 16/04/2024

Out of every line of three words, choose the one that corresponds most to who you are and how you react (especially when under stress).

Efficient  Dominant  Helpful
Distant  Controlled  Connects easily with others
Attentive  Likes to negotiate  Takes initiative
Stubborn  Careful  Extraverted
Unrelenting  Active  Punctual
Cheerful  Engaged  Strong-willed
Quick to discuss  Nonchalant  Adapts easily
Perfectionist  Organised  Original
Assertive  Calm  Content
Jovial  Friendly  Responsible
Receptive  Steadfast  Likes working together
Enthusiastic  Reserved  Moderated
Winner  Diplomatic  Easy-going
Dependable  Lively  Pleasant
Reasonable  Docile  Likes to give orders
Popular  Disciplined  Outgoing